Rugged mobile computer-CILICO cold chain logistics solution to protect vaccine safety
  • May 31,2022
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Rugged Handheld PDA -CILICO cold chain logistics solution

CILICO cold chain logistics solution, through the establishment of wireless temperature and humidity real-time monitoring system, real-time monitoring of the whole process of the cold chain: set the upper and lower limits of monitoring temperature and humidity, exceed the set value for alarm avoidance risk; the temperature and humidity and geographical location, etc. The information is collected and processed to achieve traceable management of the entire process.

Handheld pda scanner's program composition

The solution consists of intelligent sensors, IoT handheld terminals, and system platforms. The system data is collected by smart sensors such as smart wireless temperature, vibration, sensitization, and air pressure. The IoT handheld terminal directly uploads the platform server through the mobile network. 

Rugged pda's system principle

The system can be applied to mobile transport cold chain cars, refrigerators, etc. It can also be used in fixed storage environment, real-time recording of temperature, humidity, position, operating state, anti-collision, etc. in the whole process, so that the cold chain can not be broken.

Users can instantly set up, query or download relevant temperature and location data. Under abnormal circumstances, you can use the SMS, voice, mail, sound and light alarms, etc. to alert the relevant personnel of the entire process.

Program features: easy installation, strong penetration, data traceability, temperature and humidity monitoring, inventory and inventory, over-limit alarm

Handheld pda scanner's system advantages

End-to-end monitoring

Easy to deploy and low maintenance costs

Product data record transmission is stable and reliable

Handheld terminal can be charged online and battery life is guaranteed

Flexible and timely delivery of temperature records

Real-time inventory, status monitoring in the library

Handheld display, random printing

System and device display

Rugged handheld's cold chain logistics cloud platform

The platform data is collected by smart sensors such as smart wireless temperature, vibration, sensitization and air pressure, and then uploaded to the platform server through the mobile network through the location location transmission gateway (BlackBox). The status query and data download can be performed through the system background. Orders are issued.

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