Handheld computer's 5 advantages of industrial IoT in mining industry
  • May 31,2022
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The expectation for the next 10 years is that IoT will be used in all areas.

There are two main reasons for this: to improve performance and increase productivity, to eliminate unnecessary costs and waste, and to predict and solve machine failures. Known as the Internet of Things, IoT monitors factories, plants, mine sites and their machines with smarter, cheaper and smaller sensors. So far, many important advantages for mining have been noticed in this area.

Handheld pda scanner's 5 advantages

1. Time saving

When it comes to the development and protection of a mining site, the IoT benefits greatly. Data collected before the first excavation ensures that the process is properly managed and less risky. Some mining companies already use driverless vehicles and drilling systems that can operate without human intervention. Experimenting with. It enables it to work 24/7 and products can be taken out in a shorter time.

2. Enhanced security

Significant dangers exist in the mining industry, but up to this point technology has managed to eliminate some. IoT, for example, can help prevent risks of collapse or gas poisoning and explosions, because sensors will be able to capture these risks in real time, sending the necessary warnings and taking the necessary measures before any problems occur.

3. Automation for mining

Automation of all necessary equipment, tools and equipment, and the cooperation and communication of these automations with IoT systems will work more efficiently.

4. Preventive maintenance

By having a fully integrated system, monitoring every aspect of an operation becomes much easier and provides greater productivity and security. It provides the detection of wear on vital equipment and the necessary guidance when repair or maintenance is required.

5. Energy and cost advantages

As noted in every point above, investment in IoT reduces energy expenditure and maintenance costs for mining companies. Having a transparent system where all parts are monitored allows much more efficient work, in this case, it reduces the cost and increases the profitability of the business.

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