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  • Oct 18,2022
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With the rapid development of the Internet, a new retail model that deeply integrates online services, offline experience and modern logistics has emerged. The new retail model requires efficient information management. Efficient management, optimized customer service, and enhanced corporate competitiveness.

Through barcode, RFID, GPS and other technologies, information exchange and collection of commodities are carried out, and intelligent management is used for each application scenario, which greatly reduces management and operation costs, reduces failure rate, and improves work efficiency.

Rugged pda solution overview

Cilico's overall retail solution uses barcode, RFID, GPS and other technologies to exchange and collect information on commodities. For each application scenario, intelligent management is used to greatly reduce management and operation costs, reduce failure rates, and improve work efficiency.

Handheld pda scanner application scenarios

1. Delivery managementpda smart new retail for sale -Cilico

Issue the delivery task to the delivery staff's PDA, dispatch the vehicle, and the goods PDA scans and loads the vehicle. During the delivery process, the location of the vehicle and the goods is tracked in real time, and the goods are delivered to the destination on time, and the PDA is signed in real time.

2. Inventory management

Use PDA to identify information and record and upload the back-end system when goods are in and out of the warehouse; inventory inventory, efficient inventory through PDA, timely replenishment, automatic inventory alarm, and early warning of goods expiration.

3. Shelf display of goods

Scan the goods transferred in the receiving warehouse, scan the shelf number, and display the goods. Goods can be found quickly via PDA. Early warning of expiring commodities.

4. Warehouse management

Effectively improve work efficiency and avoid manual errors;

Establish a complete and accurate database to realize the informatization of warehouse management;

Maximize the use of warehouse resources, reduce warehouse costs, and speed up warehouse turnover.

5. Smart sorting

Receive online orders, synchronize orders to PDA, PDA scans and picks, and sends delivery instructions to the delivery department.

6. Shopping guide and collection

Shopping guide recommendation, scan the goods, quickly find the goods, scan the code to join the purchase cart, pay and settle, synchronize the outbound operation, update the inventory, and automatically send it to the administrator if there is an inventory alarm.

7. Inventory of fixed assets

PDA regularly intelligently identifies various fixed assets of the enterprise, which can track and monitor fixed assets anytime and anywhere (to be repaired, scrapped, deactivated, etc.), which is convenient for asset management and inventory, and reduces waste of funds.

PDA scanner program value

Real-time tracking and inventory of goods to reduce inventory costs;

Real-time tracking of delivery vehicles and personnel to reduce management costs;

Shopping guide recommendation, goods placement, enhance customer experience;

Instantly and efficiently respond to online orders, which is convenient for delivery or self-collection by customers.

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