Healthcare solutions with handheld PDA
  • Oct 19,2022
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Through data collection and screening in medical and health care, we can improve medical quality, ensure medical safety, improve the work efficiency of medical staff, and improve patient medical experience and satisfaction.

Background introduction

With the development of global information technology, Internet medical care has gradually developed and expanded globally. According to data, since the launch of the mobile application pilot project in 2012, 17.5% of tertiary hospitals nationwide have deployed mobile applications. In the next two years 20.3% of tertiary hospitals plan to deploy mobile applications.

The dedicated mobile handheld PDA is used as a timely and efficient data collection terminal. Barcode recognition and RFID technology are applied to patient wristbands, drug labels, specimen labels, etc., and the PDA scans the label information to quickly and accurately complete admission and discharge, clinical treatment, inspection, etc. Information collection and uploading in different situations such as surgery and first aid can realize closed-loop management of doctor's order execution and improve nursing safety.medical mobile data terminal for sale -Cilico

Healthcare barcode scanner solution overview

Cilico is the proposer and pioneer of the concept of PDA for mobile nursing. It is also the first PDA manufacturer in the industry with highly integrated barcode scanning, UHF RFID, NFC and other data collection functions. One device can realize multiple data collection and help hospitals realize treatment. With the paperless and intelligent management, it solves the industry problem of manual processing of information in the last "50 meters" from the nurse to the patient's bedside. The products have been used in more than 500 professional medical institutions in 75 countries and regions around the world, winning wide trust and praise from customers.

Medical mobile data terminal application scenarios

1. Mobile nursing work scene

Mobile nursing refers to the extension of electronic medical records from desktop to mobile, and from fixed nurse stations to mobile nurse stations. The main users are nurses, and the application scenarios are the execution of doctor's orders (three checks and seven pairs) and the collection of vital signs. With the use of barcode and RFID wristbands, it can help medical staff improve work efficiency and ensure patients' nursing needs for security and privacy protection.

Product advantages:

Cilico mobile nursing PDA, integrated barcode scanning and electronic label reading functions, one device can meet a variety of data collection needs; at the same time, its open interface design supports all mobile nursing software docking needs in the world, reducing hospital equipment testing costs.

2. Static distribution center

Working scene:

PIVAS Intravenous Drug Dispensing Center is a medical institution established according to international standards that integrates clinical pharmacy and scientific research. It is prepared by trained pharmacy technicians in strict accordance with the operating procedures in an operating environment that complies with GMP standards and is designed according to drug characteristics, including total intravenous nutrient solution, cytotoxic drugs and antibiotics. Treatment and rational drug use services. Use the handheld PDA to collect the barcode of the doctor's order document, check the liquid configuration, check the in-out and out of the warehouse, and the users are pharmacists.

Product advantages:

In the static distribution center, the high-frequency barcode scanning demand has extremely high requirements on the PDA scanning performance. Faster, stronger code recognition ability.

3. Medical waste management

Working scene:

Using RFID radio frequency identification technology, information collection is carried out in each link of medical waste treatment. Through the construction of an intelligent management system, the online system keeps an eye on the whole process of treatment and real-time supervision and positioning of medical waste, so as to realize the whole process, traceability and closed loop. type regulation.

Product advantages:

CM550X Android intelligent printing terminal can integrate RFID information collection, information processing and label printing, and has been widely used in the field of intelligent management of medical waste.

4. Personnel management

Baby theft management:

The baby anti-theft system can receive the baby's RFID tag signal in real time through the dedicated Internet of Things platform to obtain the baby's status information by wearing the RFID tag on the baby and the mother at the same time. When the baby is taken out of the ward without authorization, the system automatically alarms, providing a good security guarantee for the baby during hospitalization and improving the quality of hospital services.

Check in Check out:

When the baby needs to leave the ward due to factors such as bathing, emergency care, etc., the check-out operation needs to be performed through the handheld terminal, and the authorization is allowed to leave, otherwise the alarm will prompt, and the check-in will be automatically given when returning to the ward.

Baby care records:

During the nursing process, the nursing staff can scan the wristbands of mothers and babies through the mobile nursing handheld terminal to perform nursing operations. The system will record all bedside nursing services, and can also automatically record the inspection records of the nursing staff through the tags that identify the nursing staff.

Restricted capacity person management:

Check-in and check-out When personnel need to leave the restricted area, they need to perform the check-out operation through the handheld terminal, and the authorization is allowed to leave, otherwise the alarm will prompt.

Caregiver Management: Nursing Records

During the nursing process, the nursing staff can scan the wristband through the mobile nursing handheld terminal to perform nursing operations, and the system will record all bedside nursing services. It can also automatically record the nursing staff's inspection records by identifying the nursing staff's tags.

5. Service management

RFID hospital quilt management is to add RFID electronic tags to the hospital's doctors and nurses uniforms, patient uniforms, bedding, bed sheets, etc., and use RFID table-top, hand-held, fixed readers, etc. to automatically identify quilt registration, quilt inventory, and quilt collection. The intelligent management mode of various management processes such as quilt recycling, quilt status query, quilt tracking, and quilt automatic sorting can better solve the hospital's worries about quilt management.

Program value

Effective control of nosocomial infection;

Greatly reduce the loss rate of suits;

Save handover time, optimize the sending and receiving process, and reduce resource costs;

Reduce the backlog of quilts in the department;

Provide management basis for multi-dimensional data statistical reports.

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