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The arrival of "Intelligent Manufacturing", digital management of production lines has become an inevitable trend, Combining information technology, automation technology, modern management technology and manufacturing technology, CILICO automotive solutions emerged at the historic moment, in the production line information collection / tracking, warehousing and storage, workstation process collection, defect inspection, Help companies in the automotive industry to complete the information layout and build a transparent factory.



The solution of the CILICO automotive industry, through deepening the five major scenes of the automotive industry, automatically reads the real-time information of the entire process of the automotive industry, interacts in real time, and realizes traceable management of the entire process. Realize real-time tracking, automatic identification, collection, recording, and management of raw materials and products in the production workshop, warehouse, and distribution center by combining technologies such as barcode, RFID, GPS, etc., greatly reducing management and operating costs, reducing failure rates, and improving work efficiency.

Application Scenarios

Production MES System | Warehouse WMS System | Vehicle Logistics

Certification Management | Safty Inspection

Production MES System

Achieve the real-time communication, real-time connection of enterprises, factories and process control systems.

Shorten the production cycle, reducing the work-in-progress (WIP), enhancing the ability of on-time delivery, improving the product quality, and increase the efficiency of company and reducing company cost.


Warehouse WMS System

Real-time tracking of the flow of raw materials and products at production process, warehouses, distribution centers, etc.

Standardize management the warehouse location, improving warehouse utilization, raising picking speed, accurately counting product inventory, and tracing product shipment information, which are all greatly improving logistics accuracy and real-time performance.

Vehicle Logistics

The vehicle bound by RFID and barcode, and the transportation system is combined with mobile computer, which can well monitor the running track of transportation vehicle in real time.

Using the depot system, it’s easy to do the real-time management of vehicle inventory by using the depot system, and bounding the RFID chip to vehicle RFID barcode.


Certification Management

Scanning the vehicle information at pick-up, inventory, delivery, service and vehicle return segments during the process of transportation and sales, and send the information to headquarter timely.

Check the vehicle sales status

Unify sales data to avoid information inconsistency

Monitor the real-time information of the whole vehicle sales process (from store sales to

delivery), which help salesman accurately get the sales information.

Avoid the rule-breaking operations, and reducing the risk of channel sales.


Safty Inspection

Regularly make intelligent identification of fixed assets of factory, which helpful on management of facilitate asset and inventory, and reducing the capital waste.

Easily tracking and monitoring the fixed assets (To be repaired/ scrapped/ stopped use, etc.), at anytime & anywhere.

Improving the efficiency of fixed assets, reducing the labor cost and improving manage

ment ability.



Compared with the traditional way, this can realize the real-time communication and increase the efficiency of company and reducing company cost.

Implement the real time and accuracy of data, which can reduce the risk of sales.

Auto-reading the information of vehicle and accessories, which help achieve the real-time tracing and reduce the error rate.

Regular inspection and maintenance, which help ensure the security and reduce the failure rate.

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