UHF RFID medical wristband


With the acceleration of the informationization process in the medical industry, especially clinical care, more attention is paid to improving the accuracy and efficiency of work, and patients' requirements for medical efficiency and medical service quality are also constantly improving. Traditional handwriting wristbands and barcode wristbands cannot meet the development of medical informatization due to their own limitations, and the use of RFID technology to achieve medical informatization and service progress has become an inevitable trend.


The UHF RFID medical wristband solution launched by CILICO uses nano-silicon materials, combining traditional barcode wristbands with UHF passive RFID technology, and using UHF RFID medical wristbands as a medium Depending on identity recognition, patient data can be efficiently collected, quickly identified, accurately checked, and integrated with management by scanning through the mobile terminal.


1. The texture is light and thin, soft and comfortable, breathable and hypoallergenic.

2. RFID non-visual identification, the patient information is stored in the chip, fully protect the patient's privacy.

3. The reading is not affected by the bedding and clothing.

4. Anti-human interference design, patient information verification and query is convenient and fast, improve the efficiency and service level.

5. RFID chip has a globally unique ID number, cannot be changed or forged. The environmental compatibility is good, and the surface wear or pollution does not affect the information reading.

Various specifications are available

Adult (Children over 6 years old and adults)

Child (1-6 years old)

Baby (Newborns and babies aged 1-12 months)


Mobile Nursing

● Quickly and accurately read patient information in infusion, inspection, surgery, etc.

● Ensure the correctness of patients, drugs, dosage, time, and usage

● When the patient has a sudden illness, understand the situation of the patient in time

Personnel Management

●Maternal and child information association

● Baby anti-theft

● Baby anti-lock wrong

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