• Dec 15,2020
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Cilico Black Technology empowers winter epidemic prevention and control!

Along with the second rebound of the overseas epidemic, a large number of overseas students, overseas Chinese, and corporate employees abroad have returned to China; And imported products have been found to be contaminated by the coronavirus for many times, which has caused the epidemic prevention and control situation in China to remain severe. Academician Zhong Nanshan said: "Control the new crown pneumonia Infection is a key work to prevent and control epidemic this winter and next spring. The epidemic should continue to exist this winter and next spring, and local outbreaks are likely to occur."


 Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Xi'an Cilico Microelectronics company (hereinafter referred to as "Cilico") has urgently mobilized the company's R&D and supply chain, exerted its information power, and developed the world's most temperature-based cloud temperature measurement PDA. A handheld terminal device that can realize identity recognition + body temperature detection + data report generation, which can realize paperless, contact-free, and intelligent big data processing body temperature detection management. It will effectively assist the entire society in the construction of online and offline, joint prevention and joint control epidemic prevention and control networks, greatly reducing the difficulty and cost of government personnel control during the winter epidemic, and making prevention and control more scientific and accurate.


  It is the mission and meaning of every science and technology enterprise to promote social development and create a better life with the power of science and technology. As a high-tech enterprise in Shaanxi, Cilico donated hundreds of products to support medical front lines such as Xi’an Public Health Center (Eighth Hospital), the Army Hospital of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (Wuhan) when the new coronavirus hits in 2020. The construction of "Xiaotangshan" has been recognized and encouraged by Xi'an Municipal People's Government, Xi'an Red Cross Society and other government agencies.


The temperature measurement PDA will be a "smart weapon" for non-contact temperature measurement, efficiency improvement, and precise management in crowded places such as passenger transportation, tourist attractions, exhibitions, and supermarkets.

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