High range rfid reader-what is it
  • Jun 15,2022
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High range rfid reader's introduction

RFID handset has RFID reading and writing function, which can read RFID tags. It is a PDA (portable mobile hardware) with specific functions. The combination of RFID and PDA not only maintains the original function of PDA. The frequency band of RFID handheld function includes low frequency, high frequency, UHF, active and so on.

The reading distance of UHF RFID handset is 1 ~ 3M, which can not be reached by low-frequency and high-frequency RFID handset. Therefore, UHF RFID handset is generally used in places with high distance requirements.

Short range rfid handset generally has the following functions

1. Reading and writing of RFID in different frequency bands

2. Wi Fi / GPRS / Bluetooth wireless data transmission

3. GPS satellite positioning

4. Camera shooting

5. Fingerprint identification

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