Mobile Device Management (MDM) Key Points
The IoT intelligent hardware produced by Fourier is used 
in combination with CILICO MDM to provide an intelligent 
device management platform for enterprise-level user management 
 (implemented by the IT management department) to monitor 
and manage mobile devices, remote management and user 
behavior. This platform provides customers with mobile 
device management (MDM), mobile application 
management (MAM), and mobile document management 
(MCM), covering the entire life cycle of the three basic 
requirements of mobile management.
MDM product introduction
  • Safety management
    Safety management
    • wi-fi, 4g, bluetooth Solve the problem of poor network connection management
    • Blacklist and whitelist Reduce the chance of mobile devices infected with malware
    • Device lock, device shutdown, device restart, data erasure, factory reset Eliminate data security threats from mobile device loss
    • Strategy Management/Update Solve the problem that the security policy is not updated in time
    Safety management
  • Enterprise Information Asset Management
    Enterprise Information Asset Management
    • Mobile asset management function Basic Information,Dynamic Information
    • Information resource management functions Application,File,Notice, News
    • Mobile application management function App Store,Update application,Send application
    Enterprise Information Asset Management
  • Employee behavior management
    Employee behavior management
    • Mobile device communication management (communication management)
    • Personnel workplace positioning (GPS)
    • Working statistics (scanning times, RFID times)
    • Management of employees' work behavior, prohibiting the installation of work-unrelated software, and closing or uninstalling work software
    • Standardize the work behavior of employees, and it is prohibited to turn off or turn on related functions.
    Employee behavior management
MDM patent certification
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