High range rfid reader-what's the use of it
  • Jun 24,2022
  • Tags: PDA

Android bluetooth rfid reader's uses

RFID handset is an enterprise mobile phone that integrates RFID tag scanning and terminal based on bar code data acquisition technology to help enterprises carry out real-time data acquisition, intelligent data processing and timely feedback information. RFID handheld machines and tools have the characteristics of multi-function, portable belt, high performance and small volume, which can fully ensure the real and complete disclosure and circulation of data information in the background. The handheld terminal also has the functions of WiFi, call, Bluetooth, video, NFC and GPS, and is compatible with Android system and RFID technology to meet the needs of enterprises in all aspects. At present, handheld terminals have been widely used in production and manufacturing, anti-counterfeiting and traceability, warehousing, logistics and other fields, and have received good response.

Short range rfid's application scenario

1. Inventory of company assets

Large companies have many types of assets, which are widely distributed, and the inventory is time-consuming and laborious. Using RFID handheld for inventory can greatly improve the inventory efficiency.

2. Logistics warehouse inventory

The role of modern warehousing is not only storage, but also logistics circulation center. With the help of RFID handheld batch reading, penetration recognition and other characteristics, data collection is carried out to realize the timely update of warehouse management information such as warehousing, outbound and inventory, and improve the efficiency of warehousing turnover.

3. Jewelry store inventory

Jewelry products are expensive. Conventional classic products often need to be in stock, and the inventory accuracy is high. RFID handheld uses different RFID smart chips to identify the subject matter according to the characteristics of the article, so as to prevent misdelivery and less receipt, and greatly improve the management efficiency.

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