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With the development of the times and people's demand for logistics, the warehousing of important links in the logistics process also needs to be improved. The warehousing and logistics solutions bring convenience to the logistics industry.


The solution of CILICO Warehousing and Logistics, through the five scenarios of warehousing and logistics, automatically reads the real-time information of the entire process of warehousing and logistics, and interacts in real time to realize the traceability management of the entire process.

Combining barcode, RFID, GPS and other technologies to automatically identify, collect, record, and manage information such as cargo storage and transportation process, greatly reducing management and operating costs, reducing failure rates, and improving work efficiency.

At the same time, the application of information technology has significantly improved the efficiency of the entire process of warehousing and logistics, and improved the competitiveness of the industry.

Application Scenarios

Inbound Scan | Inventory Check | Outbound Management | Logistics Tracking

Aasets Inventory

Inbound Scan

Scan and register the tagged goods before entering the warehouse, and store them according to the type of goods. When there is a need, you can easily and quickly query the information such as the storage amount and storage period of the goods in order to uniformly deploy.

Inventory Check

Regularly scan inventory labels for goods on the shelves to realize inventory calculations, grasp the latest data in real time, and avoid major losses caused by illegal operations or errors in work.

Outbound Management

According to the order or allocation needs, the goods are sorted and packed out of the warehouse, the goods labels are identified and scanned, and the inventory information is updated in time. If the inventory is insufficient, it is timely replenished.

Logistics Tracking

When the goods are out of the warehouse, the vehicle tags are read to identify the vehicle and personnel information, and the cargo transportation is tracked according to the GPS information in real time to ensure that the goods and personnel reach the destination safely and on time.

Aasets Inventor

1.Regularly identify the fixed assets, facilitate asset management and inventory, and reduce capital waste.

2.Track and monitor fixed assets at anytime and anywhere (Pending, scrapped, deactivated).


Compared with traditional manual inventory check, it can effectively improve accuracy and work efficiency.

Goods entering and leaving the warehouse are more efficient, and the order cycle is effectively reduced.

Effective tracking of cargo information, making it easier to trace cargo issues.

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