Cilico F750 rugged mobile computer improves the warehousing operation efficiency
  • Jun 28,2022
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With the rise of new retail, online shopping platforms have become the main consumer portal for the public, and the soaring order scale has placed higher demands on warehousing and logistics. How to deliver goods to users better and faster is a test of the efficiency of each link of warehousing and logistics, and it also puts forward higher requirements for intelligent and lean management of warehousing.

How F750 rugged mobile computer improve and solve the pain points?

Warehouse management

Warehouse management personnel can scan the barcode of the goods through the PDA to complete the registration operation of the goods in the warehouse, including the category, quantity, and storage location, etc., and then upload the data to the back-end database system. Warehousing is no longer a paper registration, and a large number of goods can be warehousing in an orderly manner.

Outbound management

In the outbound link, according to the outbound order, use the warehouse PDA to scan the barcode, enter the outbound quantity, and upload the outbound information to the database system in real time to ensure that the inventory status is updated. Use the warehouse PDA to scan the barcode for outbound management, effectively avoiding more, less, and wrong picking.

Inventory management

After the enterprise formulates or issues the inventory task, the warehouse PDA downloads the inventory task, scans the barcode for inventory, and uploads the inventory data in real time. The system automatically generates inventory differences and starts to review the inventory based on the actual situation. Use PDA for inventory to shorten inventory time, simplify inventory process, update inventory data in time, and provide data protection for enterprise management.

Cargo search

There are many and miscellaneous goods in the warehouse, and it takes a long time to find a goods, which affects work efficiency and does not respond to customer needs in a timely manner. Use the PDA to search, enter the goods number in the PDA, the storage location of the goods and the barcode number can be displayed.

F750, a hand-held terminal with high protection level, was crushed by cars, smashed walnuts, entered the ice store, and is able to withstand beatings.

Reduce the error rate-now, a lot of warehouse management still relies on manual labor. Warehouse staff need to record while operating. It is difficult to guarantee that there will be negligence at certain times, errors and omissions, and even affect the follow-up work; F750 can be used to "wireless inventory", scan the cargo information, and upload the information to the data center, accurate and fast.

At present, F750 products are widely used in new retail, logistics, warehousing management, inventory management and other industries. Customers are all over the world, including Shanghai Familymart, China Merchants Huimin, Shenzhen BYD, Xizhilang Food and other 1,000+ customers Case.

F750 product is small and light, which can meet one-handed operation, integrates one-dimensional and two-dimensional bar code scanning, NFC, UHF, security PSAM and other Internet of Things functions in one. Military industry defenses (waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, Pressure, anti-corrosion, anti-scratch) and IP68 waterproof and dustproof performance, so that the equipment can work worry-free in various harsh environments.

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